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Welcome to Wholly Britt! This is the about me page, but in reality, I’m thrilled to meet you!

I’m Britt Pangerl, but I have a lot of titles: Mom, Wife, Disney Adult, Disney Travel Pro, Endometriosis Warrior, Infertility Warrior and in a past life Miss Minnesota USA 2011 & Minnesota Timberwolves professional NBA dancer.  Although my technically I’m a Brittany, in 7th grade I proclaimed Just call me “Britt.” I even went so far as to print and hand out business cards haha!

On a more serious note, my 31st birthday (December of 2017) was a major milestone in my life. After years of living with debilitating pelvic pain, miserable menstrual cycles and more recently infertility, I finally received the answer to what had been, until now, a very private struggle: Endometriosis.  Endometriosis is a chronic disease where tissue similar to that of the inner lining of your uterus grows and can spread beyond your pelvic area causing significant pain and interfering with the function of several organs. On January 8, 2018 Dr. Matthew Palmer of Oakdale ObGyn performed laparoscopic excision surgery removed the diseased tissue and gave me a formal diagnosis. It came with a flood of emotions and questions. Seeing this experience as an opportunity to help others, I and two other women established the Minnesota Endo Warriors, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to advocacy and Endometriosis awareness here in Minnesota. After 3 years of infertility treatments, numerous procedures and finally IVF our miracle children were conceived. I am forever thankful for modern medicine and the opportunity to be their Mother.

(OK BACK TO THE FUN STUFF) I’m a true thirty-something Mother of young children; Amazon cart adding, new recipe failing (according to my toddler), but most importantly, ALWAYS PLANNING MY/OUR NEXT ESCAPE TO DISNEY WORLD! I use the excuse of being a mom, but truly its a cover, I’m a full on Disney Adult. In fact I specialize in Adults Only Disney World trips and Disney Vacations. Lucky for you, I LOVE to share my ideas, hacks, and findings with friends. I geek out over almost anything tech-related. I love exploring how new technology can improve our lives and streamline our processes. Consequently, I take a tech-centered approach to all things – so I got you on Genie+ tips & My Disney Experience App hacks.




My techy brain is used by-day as a Microsoft Dynamics Sales Executive at Stonerdige Software where I’ve honed my ability to translate business wants and needs into tangible process changes, system enhancements and ROI supported technology investments. In sales I take a business analyst approach to enable clients and their teams in providing the best customer experience (CX) possible.

Outside the “Office”

I spend 90% of my “grown-up” PTO indulging in my passion for all things Disney World, Disney Vacation Planning and traveling myself as an agent with Pixie Travel. My services are FREE to clients – completely covered by The Disney Company, Universal Orlando, Adventures by Disney, Disney Cruise Line, Sandals, etc. I love working with families, couples, groups and solo adventurers to curate magical experiences, but I specialize in bringing a little extra Pixie Dust to Disney Vacations and Disney World Trips.

Britt Thelemann Pangerl and Jon Pangerl Dancing

Prime Time Baby…

I’m thrilled showcase products I’ve tried (they will say “Wholly Britt Approved”) or find interesting through my partnership with Amazon. Without leaving you can explore “my favorite things” or “featured products” and add them directly to your shopping cart! For more information on my Amazon partnership and affiliate or sponsored links throughout my blog posts, navigate from to the disclosure policy page.

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